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Flat Roofing Edinburgh

An integral part of Trinity Roofing’s business is to provide construction of Flat roofs in Edinburgh. Our speciality is working with felt flat roofing systems. With many years’ experience working on both installation projects, as well as roof repair and maintenance of weathered or damaged felt flat roofs – we can assist with any issue.

Millions of pounds a year are spent on the refurbishment of flat roofing – from simply patching, re-coating / re-covering through to the more comprehensive stripping off and replacement of the entire roof.

Along with leakage, flat roofs, particularly domestic scale timber roofs, are notoriously subject to the effects of condensation. A proper understanding of the link between thermal performance, air leakage and condensation is important to the successful design of a flat roof.

Condensation occurs when warm moisture-laden air comes into contact with a cold surface. In the case of a flat roof, moist warm air rises from the room below into the roofing fabric where, it risks condensing on the underside of the roof decking/ water-proof membrane. Part of the successful design of a flat roof is in preventing such a condition from occurring. The choice of construction theoretically rests on two different methods of handling the moist air:

Types of flat roof

Warm Roof

flat roofing edinburgh

The roof deck is kept warm through placing the insulation above it. The waterproof covering is above the insulation and the vapour control layer is placed below the insulation.

Inverted Warm Roof

flat roofs

In an inverted warm roof the insulation is placed above a combined VCL / waterproofing membrane. The insulation effectively ‘protects’ the roof membrane from thermal stress, UV light and mechanical damage. The insulation is preventing from lifting by adding ballast.

How much do flat roofing services cost

Our team would be more than happy to offer any advice and guidance if you have any issues with your flat system and explain cost of repairs or replacement.

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